Hello my fellow fashionistas, my name is Rosh and I welcome you to "That Girl Posh".

I grew up in the harbour city that never sleeps, more famously known as the concrete jungle of Asia…Hong Kong. That's where it all started, where my first encounter with the world of blogging was through Xanga, long before the advent of Facebook. Now however, I am blogging about fashion and finally sharing with you my personal take on style, the latests trends and ever changing looks.

Aside from immersing myself in the world of style, I work as a freelance Graphic Designer and obtained my bachelors from the University of Arts, Central Saint Martins (CSM), London. I can credit my fashion to be an on-going evolution from the glitz and glam of Hong Kong, to the grunge trendy hipster of CSM fused with London City elegance and street chic.

Through this blog you will bear witness to That Girl Posh - a journey through my personal insights on the dynamic world of fashion. From the eccentric hipster in the day to the raver girl under the neon light, one thing this blog will promise you is endless diversity. 

So if you too are a fellow fashionista and believe in recreating yourself every time you step out the door, then watch this space regularly, it will be a fashion galore. ….who knows whats next!?

Lots of love,

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