April 24, 2017

Korean Skincare Introductory Guide Part 2

  Korean Sheet Masks: When your face needs a quick pick me up!

I’m sure you’ve seen them all over social media as every Korean skincare brand has a range of sheet masks. These masks target all concerns as they contain an ampoule (highly concentrated serum) of ingredients such as glyercin, ginseng, collagen, aloe, snail secretion, bird’s nest ampoule just to name a few.

Since I have moved to Hong Kong, I’ve tried over a dozen of different masks and what I have realized is that these masks can be amazing but their effect is very temporary. If you really want to target certain concerns such as acne, fine lines and wrinkles you would need a product to add into your daily skincare routine and need to watch the changes over several weeks.

That is why when looking for a sheet mask, the most beneficial ones are the ones for moisturizing as they instantly solve the problem of dull, dry and tired skin which will help keep your skin looking great for a night out or even when travelling.

The two biggest sellers in Hong Kong currently, which I can’t live without are (linked):

Papa Recipe Bombee Honey Mask
N.M.F Aquaring Ampoule Mask

What is amazing about the masks is that they contain so many moisturizing ingredients such as honey, glycerin, sodium hyaluronate that provide instant moisture to the face and are suitable for all skin types.

They are also so easy to carry around and to use as you just apply it on a clean, dry face, leave it for 20 minutes and then remove and rub in whatever is left on your face (don’t wash it off). Recommended use would be twice a week.

They are very affordable and available at Sasa, Bonjour, Watsons, Mannings or any Chinese pharmacy in packs of 10 ( so get a pack and share with friends). Also for people not living in Hong Kong, it is available on Amazon which is the linked above.

Written by Sanchita Daswani. Follow me on Instagram @sanch265

April 22, 2017

Cape Addiction

 MY OOTD: Cape Urbane Label | Earrings Devji since 1950 | Cuff Devji since 1950 | Make up Fatima Al Hurran | Hair Esraaa Adel

With Ramadan round the corner, I wanted to embrace the festivity through fashion by sharing light to this gorgeous cape top from Urbane Label & jewels from Devji, which are suitable and snazzy to wear to Iftar's & Ghabga's. It's like 30 degrees here in the Middle East, so flowy silhouettes are ideal to wear in this weather.

Photography by Dana Kay

April 13, 2017

Why makeup sprays should be a necessity in our makeup routine!

I’m sure all you ladies out there can relate, we spend so much time and effort to put on our makeup, and that feeling of it just washing off within few hours, does not do us justice. Just about a year ago, I came across a product that changed my entire makeup game!

MAC Fix+ Spray

What I love about it:
    •    After finishing with my makeup, I would spray the MAC Fix+ all across my face and within minutes it literally mattifies the face and creates one dewy, soft, layer. 

    •    It comes in a travel size version as well which I carry around with me all the time and just spray whenever I need a pick-me-up.  My makeup has actually stayed in place even after a 8 hour flight!

Yes, I had heard all about the Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray so I decided to try that out as well:

Here’s what I discovered:
Urban Decay’s spray and MAC Fix+ Spray have different purposes:
    •    Urban Decay’s spray is actually a setting spray with the purpose of making your makeup last for hours, as it lowers the temperature of your makeup to withstand any weather you’re in.

    •    MAC’S spray is a finishing spray with the purpose of leveling out your makeup and removing any cakeyness. It does this through the botanical oils it contains that help de-powder what you have on your face to blend everything together- for one clean look.

    •    Some people prefer using the Urban Decay Spray because they feel it does helps create that dewy effect and even out the makeup as well, while some people use both (MAC then Urban Decay).

Final Verdict:
    •    Personally, I do not like the smell of the Urban Decay spray, it really is strong and lingers for a while. The MAC spray has ingredients such as cucumber, chamomile and green tea extracts while Urban Decay has alcohol as its second ingredient.
    •    However, when using both together- not only does my makeup not look powdery because of the MAC setting spray but then it also doesn’t rub off if anything touches my face and lasts for hours because of the Urban Decay spray.
    •    So if you use a lot of powder to set your face- I would definitely suggest trying the MAC spray first, but if you just want your makeup to be long lasting and don’t mind the alcohol, then go for the Urban Decay.

Where to buy: Mac Spray at any local Mac store & Urban Decay Spray at Sephora (both hyperlinked and linked below)

Written by Sanchita Daswani. Follow me on Instagram @sanch265


April 12, 2017

Treasures of the Ocean

MY OOTD: Top Miss Selfridge | Pants Ted Baker | Bag Ted Baker | Shoes Missguided | Necklaces Devji since 1950 | Rings Devji since 1950 | Bracelets Devji since 1950 | Make up Fatima Al Hurran | Hair Esraaa Adel

I have collaborated with Devji & Ted Baker to bring you some serious retro vibes for Summer 2017. I am loving Devji's stunning Treasures of the Ocean collection - bringing together the ever glowing radiance of mother of pearl & diamonds in stunning three dimensional shapes. These carefully crafted artistic pieces can be the perfect sparkle to your formal or casual attire.

Photography by Dana Kay


March 20, 2017


MY OOTD: Dress Ted Baker | Bag Ted Baker | Gilet Thrift Store | Shoes Public Desire

What a perfect way to start the season with my spring equinox OOTD. I have had the opportunity of collaborating with Ted Baker Bahrain to share some of my favourite pieces with you all from there Spring/Summer Collection.


March 16, 2017

Korean Skincare Introductory Guide - Part 1

Beauty Water -Yes there is a reason for its beauty!

In today’s world, all of us women are constantly on the go and let’s face it, our face is subject to a lot of pollution, dirt and, well who knows what else. Korean skincare stresses on double and even triple cleansing every day because they take into account the current environmental surroundings we live in. Having moved to Hong Kong less than a year ago, my love and knowledge of Korean skincare has grown tremendously and my entire skincare routine has changed for the better.

Now, Korean skincare can be quite overwhelming and if you’re new to it but would like to explore it, then a great way to start is with the holy grail of cleansing: 
Son & Park Beauty Water

What I love about the beauty water is that it has multiple benefits, is great for all skin types, and is super easy to add to your skincare routine.

    •    We all have that feeling that even after removing our makeup with a cleanser or wipe, we still have makeup and residue left. Adding beauty water after this step helps get rid of all the leftovers;
    •    It has exfoliating properties such as papaya extracts to remove dead skin cells as well as;
    •    Hydrating ingredients, such as rose water, orange and lavender extracts to keep your skin soft;
    •    Not only that, but we must remember that whenever we wash our face with soap, our natural PH balance of around 5.5 goes a bit off balance, and what beauty waters/toners do is help bring back the PH balance to our face creating a great canvas for the rest of our skincare/makeup routine that follows.

How to use:
    •    You can use it before makeup, to remove makeup or anytime during the day when you feel your face needs a quick cleansing.
    •    All you have to do is add several drops on a cotton pad and sweep it across your face.

Where to buy: 
Sephora, Son & Park website or B+AB stores in Hong Kong - links below

Written by Sanchita Daswani. Follow me on Instagram @sanch265


January 29, 2017

Caping it Right

MY OOTD: Indian Outfit India Boulevard | Choker La Moda | Shoes Asos | Hair Accessory Claire's | Hair & Make up @makeupbyaishaa

The Cape Lengha is the Indian fashion trend of the season! I've had the pleasure of collaborating with India Boulevard for this gorgeous Indian Outfit. The process was easy and simple - select and upload your outfit inspiration - select desired style - perfect it by collaborating with the in-house designer - you model it you own it. I was so happy with this creation, it was more than what I imagined it to be :)

In both Hollywood & Bollywood, the cape trend has taken over the fashion world by storm. This has been a trend of been I've dying to try out, and I'm in love! I love adopting modern silhouettes with ethnic wear, its such a fresh take on a traditional lengha. It's the new alternative duputta on a lengha.

For all those girls who feel conscious of there arms, this is a trend for you! Kimono Capes do the trick in camouflaging the under developed triceps. The definite lines that run down the arm create the illusion of length and leaness, focusing the eye on the waist.  

Photography by Mariam Alaamer



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