October 09, 2015

Ethnic Vibes

MY OOTD: Crop Top Missguided | Jacket Kiss the Sky | Shorts Missguided | Handbag Topshop | Shoes Chiara Ferragni | Sunglasses Rayban | Necklace Newlook | Bracelet Jewellery by Astha Jagwani

I know I have been quite busy for a while but I always have time for a quick sneaky blog post!

This look was also shot in London, it’s all about bringing the ethnic detail back into daily casual wear. At the moment I really admire fabric with mirror work...influenced deeply by ethnic Indian wear, however now I enjoy styling and fusing mirror work on western clothes! It gives the look an ethnic hippie vibe…. as you all already I am a hippie at heart.

I mixed and matched my favourite boho necklace and knotted crop top with this stunning mirror work jacket and orange lens rainbow to bring together this casual day look. I am also wearing this stunning holography bracelet from Jewellery by Astha Jagwani! If your looking for handcrafted ethnic jewels - then this is a brand you must check out!

Photography by Todd TC

August 27, 2015

Kylie Jenner Inspo

MY OOTD: Dress Missguided | Shoes Missguided | Bag Topshop | Sunglasses Linda Farrow | Bracelet Newlook

Whilst I am the midst of some serious wedding shopping in Mumbai, I thought I would take some time out to share one of my favourite looks I shot in London a few weeks back.

I know people have mixed opinions on this matter but I really think Kylie Jenner is quite the fashionista! Many people have argued otherwise on the basis she appears fake, materialistic and more on the provocative side, however I find her looks and persona to be super edgy that compliments her figure.

This Missguided curved dress hem was something I saw on her and was inspired to adopt the same look. I love the shape this dresses on my body, especially how the curved hem accentuates my hips. I paired this dress with cream knee high crossed strapped heels to complete the look! Kylie had worn a red dress with black heels, but I prefer to experiment with the neutral nudes colour palette.

Photography by Kirin Sall

August 10, 2015

Secret Brunch

MY OOTD: Top Missguided | Pants Asos | Necklace Newlook | Sunglasses Quay Australia | Shoes Chiara Ferragni | Bag Topshop
It’s been a long while since my last post, I’ve had a hectic travel schedule over the past month and it feels good to be back and on the blog. To be honest I don’t even know where to start since I have a lot to share with you all my fellow fashionista’s.

I got a chance to finally go back to my favourite place in the world, London and man do I miss it. I had an amazing experience attending a “Secret Brunch”, a secret lifestyle brand event catered to meet members desire for luxury, glamour and the memory of feasting and dancing the day away with trendsetters of Europe.  A couple of my pictures are from the event. I received many compliments at the time so I thought it would a be an utter shame to not share my OOTD event details with all my fellow fashionistas when it was a big hit amongst the crowd.

I pulled this look together at the last minute, this summer I was all about rocking the crotchet. I feel like crotchets give any outfit a flavour of boho edge and hence these pants were perfect for the “Secret Garden Brunch”. I complimented the outfit with an ice blue crop top and my favourite necklace from new look. I have abused this necklace by wearing it every alternate day since the day of purchase, I can’t help it, I love the shells hanging and it just screamed to me as the perfect summer necklace.

Photography by Kirin Sall

July 18, 2015

New Lengths

MY OOTD: Midi Shirt River Island | Shorts Missguided | Belt Asos | Shoes River Island | Hat Miss Selfridge | Bag Céline

I enjoy mixing lengths in my outfits, it helps create some interesting depth to my fashion and allows me to mix it up. I love the combination of styling long shirts with shorts as a refreshing change, even though it can be a bit tricky to style.

The great thing about this particular midi shirt, is the back is cropped which accentuates the waist, giving strong emphasis to your "booty". Overall I was going for a very hipster chic look so I styled it with my hipster hat and classic Céline Nano.

Photography by Priscilla Poon

July 17, 2015

Looking Skinny in Your Prom Dress without the Workout

High School days are the best days of our lives, and these memories will stay with us forever – for many people this really is the case. One of the most memorable events is usually senior prom. Sometimes students get so busy studying for their exams, that they have very little time to exercise and get into shape for prom, so I’m going to tell you some tricks that will help you look slimmer and stunning in your prom dresses!

Subtle Ways of Looking Thinner

You will see many beautiful prom dresses at your senior prom, and all of the girls are made up of many different shapes and sizes, all wanting to look their best. A way that can help you look slimmer, is using make up to contour your face and make your cheekbones appear higher, or your nose appear smaller. I also know some people that use make up to contour their body! You can contour your arms using make up, that will make both your biceps and triceps stand out, or you can contour your collarbone to make this more prominent.

Image by Ruth E Photos via Flickr

To achieve a subtle effect, make sure you follow the natural lines of the muscles and bones. You can also try a body shaper or a compression camisole, which can help to hold everything in place, and make your tummy look flatter, as well as your hips and thighs.

Choosing the Correct Colour

Image by Richard Swearinger via Flickr

Choosing the most suitable colour for your body type is pressing if you want to be a head turner at Prom! It is always best to try and choose a prom dress that is one colour, and then choose matching accessories that compliment your dress. Darker Colours always have a slimming effect, so I would suggest something dark but at also a colour that compliments your skin tone.

Creating the Best Silhouette

Another way that you can emphasize a slender frame, and help maintain the illusion of being skinnier than you are, is by wearing high heels. When you walk in high heels, you are walking on your toes, and the posture created by this makes you walking leaning forward slightly. By leaving your ankles open and exposed, this also gives the impression that your legs are longer than they are. You do not need to be wearing a short dress to achieve this effect, as it also works well when you are wearing a longer dress.

Image by Ruth E Photos via Flickr

Choosing the right style of dress is also important and will help to compliment your figure. An A-line dress is suitable for just about any figure, being fitted at the top, tapering in at the waist, and flaring out over the hips, this style of dress is flattering to any physique. An additional point to remember is to make sure that you wear a bra that fits perfectly, especially if you have large busts. Pushing up bust also helps to create the illusion of being skinnier by making your body more proportioned.

Whether you use all of these tips or just one or two, you need to feel comfortable and feel good about yourself, then all these tips will fall into place. When you're feeling good, automatically you will have a great time and create lifetime memories at your senior prom.

July 02, 2015


MY OOTD: Top Quizclothing UK | Shorts Quizclothing UK | Shoes River Island | Sunglasses Zalora | Handbag Bershka | Body Chain Asos

July is finally here, and that means its time for some exciting summer time travels. My next stop is London and I am extremely excited to be going back to the beautiful city. However this time it’s going to be a quick and short trip unfortunately as there are many stops to make across Europe too.

This co-ord set from Quiz Clothing is from their Made in Summer collection and it is absolutely gorgeous! I just couldn’t resist the temptation to blog it now over wearing It first time at a scenic beach resort destination. I highly recommend all my fashionista’s planning a holiday to head over to the Quick Clothing UK site ASAP and have a look at their summer collection.

I’ve accessorized my outfit with a pair of Zalora shades. The shades nicely compliment the pinkish orange flowers on the co-ord set. I’ve topped of the outfit with my classic carton shaped milk bag and am ready for my summer time parties!

Photography by Priscilla Poon

June 25, 2015

Ditsy Pink

MY OOTD: Top Missguided | Skirt Missguided | Biker Gilet Missguided | Handbag River Island | Sunglasses Quay Australia | Shoes Topshop

Sorry for my break from blogging, things have been getting pretty overwhelming with so much happening in my life! But on the bright side, I've shot some new looks this week, and can't wait to share them with you all!

Have a lovely weekend! xx

Photography by Long Guan

June 24, 2015

Rainbow of Colours of Prom Dresses

 Image by Gary Lerude via Flickr

Back in the day, there was pop-culture movement sweeping the nation: colour analysis, and its inevitable offshoot, colour pyschology. I've always believed that each person has set template of colours that suit them best and that help enhance the tone of their skin. The first book to compartmentalize people in their best-suited colours was Carole Jackson's 1980 runaway best-selling book: Color Me Beautiful. Jackson used a seasonal template, men included in this analysis for all seasons. 

With 6 months to go till my wedding, I know I will be using Carole Jackson's template to help me find the most suitable colours that will accentuate my tanned skin tone for my bridal outfits. This post is a bit different to my usual posts, but that's because I wanted to share my thoughts on what a huge factor colour tones play in your overall look, and guide you into choosing the right dress that will best compliment your skin tone.

Even today's beauty advice-gurus draw from this long-held assertion that you can determine which colour is best for you to wear, based on one thing: the undertones of your skin.

Here's how you do it per www.thefashionspot.com

Look at the underside of your wrist.
What colour are your veins?
Blue or Purple? You're cool-toned.
Green or Yellow cast? You're warm-toned.

Surprisingly simple, no? Now you can look for prom dresses/evening dresses with this in mind.

Cool-Toned Colours
Royal Blue

Warm-Toned Colours
Burnt Orange
Sunny Yellow
Brown/Heathered Brown
Dark Leafy Green
Red Maple Leaf
Metallic: Rose Gold

Cross-Over Colours
Don't forget about different colour shades too. For instance: Red is not just red. It's considered a "crossover" colour. Warm-red has an orange cast (therefore, for warm tones), and cool-red had a blye tone (for cool tones). The same applies to the two other crossover colours, green and pink.

The Universal colour (yes, there is one) plum - looks good on both cool- and warm- undertones.

A Plum Choice
Since plum has been identified as the universal colour, I searched the web in the appropiate colour and for styles to flatter different body shapes.
The Universal Homer: This dress by La Femme Style (17004) is not only stunning but can hide a multitude of sins, if you don't mind catching the eye of every guy. The ruched bodice can enhance a smaller bust, yet contain a substantial one, and the flow-y skirts covers belly, body and thigh imperfections. Cost USD $318.

Best Bargain! I love the sweetheart neckline and heavily embellished bodice. The flouncy, spin-worthy chiffon skirt makes this dress suitable for all body shapes. Cost $178

June 16, 2015

Fringe Benefits

MY OOTD: Top TshirtPolicyLondon | Skirt Missguided | Boots River Island | Choker Asos | Bag Céline | Sunglasses Quay Australia | Belt Missguided

Looking for some eye-catching Tees?

Tshirtpolicylondon is well known for their quirky styled t-shirts with funky slogans and ethnic hipster designs. I love this chic black tee they have sent me through blogger mail, the heart-shaped hand decorated with with henna is an epic print since it totally relates to my personality and second love…. Raving with EDM!

I sported this tee with a suede fringe skirt from Missguided. I am obsessed with fringing! Fringes on clothes or accessories have this magic power of transforming a simple look to ultra-chic and versatile. I am so grateful that fringing is back in fashion this year, now I can drape myself with fringed and tasseled anything! Fringes are versatile, and don't always have to look boho - they can also be styled to look sophisticated. 

Photography by Long Guan
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