May 16, 2014

Mykonos Pt. 1

So I went to Mykonos for the weekend with a few my closest girl friends and WOW was it stunning!

Mykonos had all the typical characteristics of a traditional Cycladic architecture;  ancient Greco influenced culture along the Greek coast, echoing from the past with the whitewashed houses, flat roofs even our hotel was a cubical array of rooms stylised in Cycladic fashion. It was nothing short of a breathtaking landscape, a bloggers paradise and a perfect day to experiment with a new look.

As with most fashionistas my look was inspired by my surroundings, here I've gone for an ethnic look with fused with ancient civilization art. I'm wearing a pretty plunge aztec jumpsuit which is an arabian style harem pants and accessorising myself with a blue headpiece. The swimsuit underneath compliments to add a subtle shade of blue. To top it off, the shoes from La Moda are as comfortable as much as they are elegant, a rarity in the world of shoes and in short AMAZING. 


Jumpsuit: Asos
Headpiece: River Island 
Swimsuit: Asos
Shoes: La Moda  

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  1. These photos are so lovely, the jumpsuit is beautiful and you look great in it!

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