December 09, 2014

Beanie Season

MY OOTD: Jumper Asos | Jeans Asos | Beanie Topshop | Bag Nasty Gal (out of stock) | Shoes H&M

Yayyy it's beanie season!!! Veiled beanies have been quite a fad in town this year and I am so excited to finally  wear mine again!

I got this beanie last year from Topshop, but I've literally seen this style flood the fashion scene all over: Topshop, Asos, Nasty Gal etc. I adore all kinds of veils and am obsessed with them. I just love the way it personifies style with mystery and seduction. I like to think of the veil as a barrier that  entices the world with curiosity to see what hides behind.

Sporting this veiled beanie with a sheer sleeved monochrome print sweater. The sheer sleeves add to the eclectic mix of the veil. Giving this look a final touch with tartan jeans.

Thank you Jill Sander's for your incredible collection at fashion week, without which we fashionistas would never have been exposed to the beanie veil. 

Photography by Todd TC

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