June 24, 2015

Rainbow of Colours of Prom Dresses

 Image by Gary Lerude via Flickr

Back in the day, there was pop-culture movement sweeping the nation: colour analysis, and its inevitable offshoot, colour pyschology. I've always believed that each person has set template of colours that suit them best and that help enhance the tone of their skin. The first book to compartmentalize people in their best-suited colours was Carole Jackson's 1980 runaway best-selling book: Color Me Beautiful. Jackson used a seasonal template, men included in this analysis for all seasons. 

With 6 months to go till my wedding, I know I will be using Carole Jackson's template to help me find the most suitable colours that will accentuate my tanned skin tone for my bridal outfits. This post is a bit different to my usual posts, but that's because I wanted to share my thoughts on what a huge factor colour tones play in your overall look, and guide you into choosing the right dress that will best compliment your skin tone.

Even today's beauty advice-gurus draw from this long-held assertion that you can determine which colour is best for you to wear, based on one thing: the undertones of your skin.

Here's how you do it per

Look at the underside of your wrist.
What colour are your veins?
Blue or Purple? You're cool-toned.
Green or Yellow cast? You're warm-toned.

Surprisingly simple, no? Now you can look for prom dresses/evening dresses with this in mind.

Cool-Toned Colours
Royal Blue

Warm-Toned Colours
Burnt Orange
Sunny Yellow
Brown/Heathered Brown
Dark Leafy Green
Red Maple Leaf
Metallic: Rose Gold

Cross-Over Colours
Don't forget about different colour shades too. For instance: Red is not just red. It's considered a "crossover" colour. Warm-red has an orange cast (therefore, for warm tones), and cool-red had a blye tone (for cool tones). The same applies to the two other crossover colours, green and pink.

The Universal colour (yes, there is one) plum - looks good on both cool- and warm- undertones.

A Plum Choice
Since plum has been identified as the universal colour, I searched the web in the appropiate colour and for styles to flatter different body shapes.
The Universal Homer: This dress by La Femme Style (17004) is not only stunning but can hide a multitude of sins, if you don't mind catching the eye of every guy. The ruched bodice can enhance a smaller bust, yet contain a substantial one, and the flow-y skirts covers belly, body and thigh imperfections. Cost USD $318.

Best Bargain! I love the sweetheart neckline and heavily embellished bodice. The flouncy, spin-worthy chiffon skirt makes this dress suitable for all body shapes. Cost $178

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