July 17, 2015

Looking Skinny in Your Prom Dress without the Workout

High School days are the best days of our lives, and these memories will stay with us forever – for many people this really is the case. One of the most memorable events is usually senior prom. Sometimes students get so busy studying for their exams, that they have very little time to exercise and get into shape for prom, so I’m going to tell you some tricks that will help you look slimmer and stunning in your prom dresses!

Subtle Ways of Looking Thinner

You will see many beautiful prom dresses at your senior prom, and all of the girls are made up of many different shapes and sizes, all wanting to look their best. A way that can help you look slimmer, is using make up to contour your face and make your cheekbones appear higher, or your nose appear smaller. I also know some people that use make up to contour their body! You can contour your arms using make up, that will make both your biceps and triceps stand out, or you can contour your collarbone to make this more prominent.

Image by Ruth E Photos via Flickr

To achieve a subtle effect, make sure you follow the natural lines of the muscles and bones. You can also try a body shaper or a compression camisole, which can help to hold everything in place, and make your tummy look flatter, as well as your hips and thighs.

Choosing the Correct Colour

Image by Richard Swearinger via Flickr

Choosing the most suitable colour for your body type is pressing if you want to be a head turner at Prom! It is always best to try and choose a prom dress that is one colour, and then choose matching accessories that compliment your dress. Darker Colours always have a slimming effect, so I would suggest something dark but at also a colour that compliments your skin tone.

Creating the Best Silhouette

Another way that you can emphasize a slender frame, and help maintain the illusion of being skinnier than you are, is by wearing high heels. When you walk in high heels, you are walking on your toes, and the posture created by this makes you walking leaning forward slightly. By leaving your ankles open and exposed, this also gives the impression that your legs are longer than they are. You do not need to be wearing a short dress to achieve this effect, as it also works well when you are wearing a longer dress.

Image by Ruth E Photos via Flickr

Choosing the right style of dress is also important and will help to compliment your figure. An A-line dress is suitable for just about any figure, being fitted at the top, tapering in at the waist, and flaring out over the hips, this style of dress is flattering to any physique. An additional point to remember is to make sure that you wear a bra that fits perfectly, especially if you have large busts. Pushing up bust also helps to create the illusion of being skinnier by making your body more proportioned.

Whether you use all of these tips or just one or two, you need to feel comfortable and feel good about yourself, then all these tips will fall into place. When you're feeling good, automatically you will have a great time and create lifetime memories at your senior prom.

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