March 16, 2017

Korean Skincare Introductory Guide - Part 1

Beauty Water -Yes there is a reason for its beauty!

In today’s world, all of us women are constantly on the go and let’s face it, our face is subject to a lot of pollution, dirt and, well who knows what else. Korean skincare stresses on double and even triple cleansing every day because they take into account the current environmental surroundings we live in. Having moved to Hong Kong less than a year ago, my love and knowledge of Korean skincare has grown tremendously and my entire skincare routine has changed for the better.

Now, Korean skincare can be quite overwhelming and if you’re new to it but would like to explore it, then a great way to start is with the holy grail of cleansing: 
Son & Park Beauty Water

What I love about the beauty water is that it has multiple benefits, is great for all skin types, and is super easy to add to your skincare routine.

    •    We all have that feeling that even after removing our makeup with a cleanser or wipe, we still have makeup and residue left. Adding beauty water after this step helps get rid of all the leftovers;
    •    It has exfoliating properties such as papaya extracts to remove dead skin cells as well as;
    •    Hydrating ingredients, such as rose water, orange and lavender extracts to keep your skin soft;
    •    Not only that, but we must remember that whenever we wash our face with soap, our natural PH balance of around 5.5 goes a bit off balance, and what beauty waters/toners do is help bring back the PH balance to our face creating a great canvas for the rest of our skincare/makeup routine that follows.

How to use:
    •    You can use it before makeup, to remove makeup or anytime during the day when you feel your face needs a quick cleansing.
    •    All you have to do is add several drops on a cotton pad and sweep it across your face.

Where to buy: 
Sephora, Son & Park website or B+AB stores in Hong Kong - links below

Written by Sanchita Daswani. Follow me on Instagram @sanch265


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