April 13, 2017

Why makeup sprays should be a necessity in our makeup routine!

I’m sure all you ladies out there can relate, we spend so much time and effort to put on our makeup, and that feeling of it just washing off within few hours, does not do us justice. Just about a year ago, I came across a product that changed my entire makeup game!

MAC Fix+ Spray

What I love about it:
    •    After finishing with my makeup, I would spray the MAC Fix+ all across my face and within minutes it literally mattifies the face and creates one dewy, soft, layer. 

    •    It comes in a travel size version as well which I carry around with me all the time and just spray whenever I need a pick-me-up.  My makeup has actually stayed in place even after a 8 hour flight!

Yes, I had heard all about the Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray so I decided to try that out as well:

Here’s what I discovered:
Urban Decay’s spray and MAC Fix+ Spray have different purposes:
    •    Urban Decay’s spray is actually a setting spray with the purpose of making your makeup last for hours, as it lowers the temperature of your makeup to withstand any weather you’re in.

    •    MAC’S spray is a finishing spray with the purpose of leveling out your makeup and removing any cakeyness. It does this through the botanical oils it contains that help de-powder what you have on your face to blend everything together- for one clean look.

    •    Some people prefer using the Urban Decay Spray because they feel it does helps create that dewy effect and even out the makeup as well, while some people use both (MAC then Urban Decay).

Final Verdict:
    •    Personally, I do not like the smell of the Urban Decay spray, it really is strong and lingers for a while. The MAC spray has ingredients such as cucumber, chamomile and green tea extracts while Urban Decay has alcohol as its second ingredient.
    •    However, when using both together- not only does my makeup not look powdery because of the MAC setting spray but then it also doesn’t rub off if anything touches my face and lasts for hours because of the Urban Decay spray.
    •    So if you use a lot of powder to set your face- I would definitely suggest trying the MAC spray first, but if you just want your makeup to be long lasting and don’t mind the alcohol, then go for the Urban Decay.

Where to buy: Mac Spray at any local Mac store & Urban Decay Spray at Sephora (both hyperlinked and linked below)

Written by Sanchita Daswani. Follow me on Instagram @sanch265


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  1. This was a really useful post, as I've never really understood the purpose of MAC Fix+ Spray! I actually use Lush's Eau De Roma face mist to de-cake my makeup and it works perfectly, interestingly it has botanical ingredients too! Might it be a cheaper dupe for the MAC one?!

    Thanks for sharing this!

    SinĂ©ad ♥ Fabuleuse Du Jour


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