September 11, 2017

The patch to make your troubles go away!

Isn’t it so annoying when you’re all ready for the weekend and then there it is - that annoying pimple, whitehead, or blackhead. The reason we get acne is because our pores get clogged with bacteria, dead skin cells and excess oil. These are of course the external reasons with our hormones and food intake also playing a big factor- which we need to watch out for to prevent excess acne.

However, what action do we take once we already have acne and need it to go away ASAP? One of my go to products is (linked below):

The reason this product is great is because it helps protect the skin, destroy the bacteria and sucks away excess oil and dead skin cells that caused the acne in the first place.

How to use:
    •    Wash with warm water and dry the infected area at night.
    •    Place a patch that is closest to the size of the area you want to be treated and place it directly on it.
    •    Repeat for all areas you want to cover.
    •    Leave it on overnight and in the morning remove it - redness, size and overall look of the acne will have reduced.

Remember it is all about finding what is right for your skin.

Contributed by Sanchita Daswani. Follow me on Instagram @sanch265

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