May 08, 2019

Mermaid Kisses & Starfish Wishes

 MY OOTD: Outfit PapaDontPreach by Shubhika | Make up & Hair DressYourFace |

With the overwhelming positive responses on my wedding looks, especially the Floral Fantasy Mehendi Look, I thought of doing a creating a new Mehendi inspired Wedding Look as florals are over done now, so I wanted to come up with a theme that was completely unique whilst still being something realistic, something I would consider doing if I was a bride today.

Envisioning that this Mehendi event would is be set by the Beach. Btw is not a traditional Mehendi concept, its mostly just a party where Mehendi application can also be done whilst eating and boozing by the beach. There would also be a stall for the Henna tattoos in gold, silver and white colour.

I imagined a beautiful bridal stage decorated with shells, and starfishes, and maybe some green seaweed looking plants on the side of the Bridal sofa which could be a shell opened.

For this event, I imagined myself looking like a dreamy Mermaid Princess, a look that was a mix of fantasy & fusion. I worked together with my favourite and the best DressYourFace to help execute my idea. She kept the make up ethereal and fantasy and the hair we added soft braids on the side to go with the Mermaid vibe.

For the outfit, I searched for ages to find something that would suit this theme, finally I stumbled upon this PapaDontPreach outfit I knew this the one. The corset top looked like it could be a swimsuit or bustier that a Mermaid could wear, and the drama of the skirt is what really sold it to me.

Accessorizing it with peal and gold necklace and earrings to give it an ethnic touch.
I imagined guests to be in beachy dresses, with pearl or shell necklaces (since they are in fashion at the moment) or starfish earrings and men to be in swim shorts and vests, so very casual vibes.

This event would just turn in a party, with everyone dancing and just having fun. Like I said, its not a traditional Mehendi concept.

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