December 22, 2019

Maternity Magic

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And just like that, I'm near the end of my pregnancy. Before temporarily moving to Hong Kong for my last trimester, Raj would talk to my belly first thing in the morning, and at night as soon as he got home from work. Things are starting to feel quite real, and I'd be lying if I said we weren't nervous about whats to come. 

I'm realizing in hindsight that the end of second trimester was the honeymoon phase. It's when the first trimester symptoms subside (the nausea, throwing up, acid refluxes and heartburn), your energy is back, and you generally feel pretty cute sporting the growing bump!

Weight Gain

Since many of you have messaged me on Instagram asking, I started at 55kg and have gained 20kg so far. The baby is around 3 pounds, and then there's the placenta and the rest is house fluids and a lot of blood paddling around. I've heard a lot of comments about how much weight I've gained, "Omg, you look so much bigger in pics than in real life", "Omg I thought you were Seema" (my mom), or "are you carrying twins?", I constantly have had to remind myself that every pregnancy is unique, and we all carry weight gain at different paces. 


I have been doing Pilates throughout my first two trimesters, going whenever I can and have energy as I was quite sick the first 6 months so it was hard to be consistent with it. Once I got to Hong Kong, I started prenatal yoga regularly, as I know staying fit can only help, with overall health as well as labor and recovery.


I've heard people lose hair post pregnancy, and I've felt my hair hasn't really become thicker during my pregnancy so I started taking Hairtamin Mom Formula the past few months and I have noticed a lot more baby hairs, which means I do have new hair growing. But will update you guys post pregnancy about this as thats what I'm most concerned about. If you would like to order, you can get 15% off your order using my discount code: ROSHINI

Also I have been drinking 2-3 cups of Red Raspberry Tea for the last two months of my pregnancy as I read its a uterine toner, which helps your body prepare for child delivery. I won't know till post delivery whether this help aid labor, but no harm in trying anything that could help with a speedy labor.

Additionally I have been eating Dates, as it may increase cervical ripening which could reduce the need for medical labor induction. It is also known to have a positive effect on postpartum blood loss - again I will only comment on this post delivery.

Sleep & Baby Movements

I am thankful to have no pregnancy complications, but rolling over feels like running a marathon these days. And I love that despite the loud grunts and groans coming from my side of the bed at night, Raj manages to sleep through all that.

I was so giddy after feeling the first baby flutters. I was completely unaware how strong the movements would get. The baby's tumble and kicks would wake me up a few times each night, and I found my belly poking out at the oddest angles. Although I complain all the time about the lack of sleep, these movements are my most favourite thing about pregnancy.

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