February 27, 2020

Baby Essentials Shopping List

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I received countless requests to share my baby essentials shopping list on my blog, so here it is! I have highlighted and hyperlinked in pink the brand that I am using / like / popular options for your reference. Just know every mother & baby are different, these are things that have personally worked for me & my baby.

I know this list is super long and can feel overwhelming that there is so much to buy, but you don't have to buy everything in one shot, you can buy gradually. I have * the items that I feel are ESSENTIAL to have, the rest would be optional or nice to have. 

Happy Shopping!

Changing the Baby
  • Diapers* (newborn size to start) - I like Pure Protection Pampers for diapers as they are hypoallergenic & unscented, other popular diaper brands are Huggies / Moltex Biodegradable (eco-disposable nappies)
  • Rubber Changing Pad (optional)Skip Hop  or  Keekaroo - didn't need or use this but its good to have if the baby has its own room
  • Waterproof Changing Pad Liners* - I got this from Amazon and use this at the moment as I don't have space for a diaper changing station, so I roll this out on to my bed and change her on this. It waterpoof, washable & reusable.  You can also put this on top of the rubber changing pad.
  • Diaper Cream* - Sudocream and Vaseline both helpful when baby has a diaper rash
  • Baby Wipes* - Water Wipes for on the go
  • Dry Cotton for Baby Bum* - At home, I wipe the baby's bum with Suzuran baby dry cleaning cotton and hot water
  • Jug/Thermos of hot water* - for cleaning baby bum
  • Diaper Caddy for Nursery and Shower Organizer* - I use this caddy from Amazon. Other really nice ones are Skiphop / Ubbi / 
  • Wipe Case Storage (optional) - Ubbi                                     
  • Nappy Bin (optional) - Diaper Genie - didn't need this as we would discard the diapers immediately, but if you don't have help this is good
  • Drawers to organize clothes - Ikea
  • Kimono Tie-Vests* - I used this until the umbilical cord fell off. Uniqlo / Wing on / Amazon
  • Baby Bodysuits/ Vests* - Love the bodysuit vests from Uniqlo / Amazon
  • Sleep & Play suits* - Need quite alot of these, sometimes they poo through their clothes 2-3 times a day. I like the onesies with the hands and feet covered so I don't have to worry about wearing socks and mittens at home. AmazonMarks & Spencer / Mama's & Papa's / Bonds
  • Pants and Tops - Haven't used too many of these as I find the onesies easier
  • Socks - Mama's & Papa's / Amazon
  • Scratch Mittens  
  • Bibs* - I use the terry cloth bibs from Hudson Baby as they are durable and gentle on baby's skin.  
  • Sleeping Bag - Carters / Snuzpod
  • Muslin Swaddles* - Malabar Baby Aden and Anais  / Love to dream (zipper swaddles)
  • Laundry Basket* - any

Baby Bathing & Toiletries

  • Towels with Hoods* - Mothercare / Mama's & Papa's / Carters, Hudson Baby, Burts Bees Baby
  • Face Towels* - Amazon
  • Bodywash & ShampooSebamed / Cetaphil / Mustela - All are good, you need to see which one suits your baby's skin, I am currently using the Mustela & love it. 
  • Bodylotion*Sebamed / Cetaphil / Mustela
  • Sponge / Wash Cloth*Wing on
  • Q-tips / Cotton Buds *- Get small ones and normal size ones. Small one is to clean the belly button and normal size ones to clean outside of ears
  • Alcohol / Alcohol pads* - For cleaning the belly button till the umbilical cord falls off
  • Comb / Brush* - Mothercare
  • Bathtub* - Stokke / Skip Hop / Amazon
  • Insert/Net for Bathtub (newborn) - StokkeSkip Hop
  • Bathtub Stool (optional) - 
  • Bucket to wash water
  • Massage Oil* - Sweet Almond Oil / Coconut Oil / Himalayan Oil - I use the Gaia Baby Massage oil ( sweet almond oil with a mix of organic lavender and organic camomile pure essential oil from Australia. I would suggest try and see what suits the baby. Another one that looks good too is Zarbee's Baby Massage oil if your massaging you baby in the evenings. 
  • Hair Massage Oil* - Too cold at the moment to use coconut oil, so using Almond & Avocado oil from Mamaearth baby nourishing hair oil as avocado oil is good for baby hair growth.
  • Baby Nail File & Nail Cutter*Pigeon Nail Scissor / Amazon
  • Bath Thermometer (optional) - Amazon
  • Oral Wipes* -  Jack n Jill 
  • Colic / Gas Relief* - Mother's Bliss Gripe Water / Manzilla Oil MinYak Telon Oil
  • Nasal Aspirator* - Nose Frida / Pigeon
  • Saline Spray*Little Remedies (#1 Pediatrician Recommended)
  • Portable Heater (optional) - Its winter at the moment, so I put the heater on before massage and showering so she doesn't feel cold
  • Wipe Warmer (optional) - Amazon

Bedtime & Nap Sessions
  • Crib for your bedroom* - I use the Snuzpod and I absolutely love it! It's a 3-in-1 crib suitable for babies up to 6 months. It acts as a bedside cot, stand alone crib (which is a rocker/bassinet). You can co-sleep with this. Other popular options are the StokkeChicco next 2 me / Snoo Bassinet ( The COOLEST crib I've ever come across, its good if you have no help. Snoo Bassinet is a responsive baby bassinet that boosts a baby's sleep by combining gentle rocking with soothing white noise and snug, safe swaddling. Another one I came across second time round is the Nestig Wave crib, what I love about it is its 3-in-1, a mini crib, full crib and toddler bed.
  • Crib Mattress*Snuzpod
  • Fitted sheets for Crib*Snuzpod Sheets
  • Crib Pocket Accessory (optional) - Snuzpod
  • Blanket for Crib* - Malabar Baby / Aden and Anais / Mama's & Papa's 
  • Baby Lounger* - Sleepyhead Deluxe / Dockatot - Love this!!! Can move it around anywhere and put the baby in it. Can co-sleep in your bed sleeping with this, or I also put it inside the Snuzpod so she feels secure. Can use this from 0 - 8 months.
  • Baby Pillow* - BabymoovBBluv- Ergonomic head shaping pillow
  • Baby Bolsters - Malabar Baby
  • Waterproof matress cover for crib* - Snuzpod
  • Crib Toy Holder (optional)
  • Musical Toy/White noise for sleep (optional) - Skip Hop

Feeding & Baby Munch Sessions
  • Baby Bottles - I use Dr Brown Anti-colic Bottles, but every baby is different. Some might prefer the wider nipple or different flows. You need to try and see. Other good and popular options are Comotomo / Tommie Tippee
  • Bottle Warmer Philips
  • Sterilizer - Philips
  • Bottle Brush - Dr Brown
  • Drying rack - BoonAmazon
  • Hospital Grade Breast pump - I haven't used this as of yet, but I am told it gets the milk out very fast.  Spectra - Rent from a hospital
  • Portable breast pump - I have the Medela freestyle pump which I used my first two weeks, but stopped once I started using the Elvie pump. I am obsessed with the Elvie pump, I use it 4-5 times a day. It's silent, wearable breast pump that fits into your bra. Can pump ANYTIME ANYWHERE.
  • Storage Milk Bags - Medela / Lansinoh
  • Nursing Pillow (optional) - My Brest Friend - I love this pillow as it encourages better posture when breastfeeding and it feels secure. 
  • Formula - I give Enfamil A+ one feed a day in the evening, to make her sleep through the night as formula is heavier then breastmilk also I want her to be used to having formula so in the future when I do stop breastfeeding it wont be an issue. Also she hasn't faced an issues with this formula which is why I've stuck to it. You need to see what suits the baby. Other popular formulas are Aptomil / HiPP / Bobbi
  • Milk powder containerAmazon / Mothercare /  Wing On
  • Bottle washing detergent for babies - Babyganics 
  • Cotton handkerchief - Wing on - I use this to wipe an extra milk around her mouth and neck
  • Nipple wipes - NUK
  • Burp pads - Amazon

Baby's Day Out
  • Car seat - I haven't bought one yet, but saw some nices ones at MothercareMama's & Papa's 
  • Stroller(6 months +) - I got the Babyzen Yoyo + as its compact, lightweight and travel friendly. Other popular strollers are Bugaboo / StokkeUppababy Cruz
  • Newborn insert for stroller (0-6 months) - depends on what stroller you get. 
  • Baby CarrierBaby Bjorn
  • Baby bag/Diaper bag* - I wanted something a bit more sleek so I got the Prada diaper bag (other designer diaper bags: Fendi /  but also like the options from Skip Hop
  • Inserts for baby bag (optional)  - didn't need
  • Portable changing mat - Skip Hop
  • Plastic bag to throw away diaper 
  • Pacifier - I haven't used a pacifier yet but I got Bibs and Hevea natural rubber orthodontic pacifier
  • Wipes when on the goWater Wipes
  • Toys for Pram (optional) - Sofie the Giraffe Rattle
  • Handbag clip for stroller (optional) - Amazon / Baby Essentials

Other Baby Essentials



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