March 31, 2015

I'd rather be shopping

MY OOTD: T-shirt Zara | Jeans Missguided | Tartan shirt Asos | Shoes H&M | Bag D-mop HK | Sunglasses Thrift shop 

"I'd rather be shopping"

The quote on my t-shirt is pretty much my life mantra. For my fiancĂ© the gym is his cradle for stress relief and mental focus, for me its online shopping and retail therapy. It’s my way of unwinding and relaxing, it can be expensive but hey everyone needs a passion right?

For today we have a simple look with a touch of tartan, I styled this way on purpose to draw the attention and emphasis to this interesting diamonte stone hand sling bag. I was personally very amused when I found this eccentric yet cool hand bag at D-Mop in Hong Kong. I mean if you look closely it’s literally an "engaged" handbag haha!  It would be a welcoming change to cheer on with this instead of the giant hand foams at the Rugby Sevens this year don’t you think girls?

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  1. That handbag is incredible! Such fun. And I love your watch to btw x


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