March 26, 2015

Stripey Bootcut

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For spring 2015, stripes are dominating the runway and I found these perfect pants hanging in Topshop to get on the wave of the latest trend. I especially love the colour and the low waist wide fit of the pants.

Bearing in mind girls, wide leg fits are unique yet super chic bottoms can be styled with anything and at any point throughout the year regardless of the season. I find these particular trousers very elegant and adore the way they make your legs appear longer and your silhouette look slimmer. The best part is these trousers and this style can be adorned by petites as well as plus size women as it truly is a universal look.

Along with the trousers I am sporting a navy polo turtle neck. I enjoy wearing turtle necks, it always gives a mysterious and classy look when you are all covered up yet with an attractive appeal. Moreover the full body cover gives a great silhouette of your figure as it emphasizes the womanly curves. It’s a common misconception to feel you must reveal skin to be “considered” attractive or sexy, well I’m here to show you how one can be just as sexy if not more in a classy top like this! 

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  1. Great look! I am in love with your trousers and the shawl <3

    xoxo Saranda


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