July 09, 2017

Ramadan Feels

OOTD: Jalabiyas Sewa BH | Jewellery Devji Since 1950 | Make up Fatima Al Murran | Hair Esra Adel 

Growing up in Hong Kong, I never experienced the holy month of Ramadan that is observed by Muslims worldwide. It is a religious affair whereby one abstain from eating, drinking and smoking from dawn till sunset for a month.

Iftar is the first meal they have to break the fast after sunset. Typically, people drink water and enjoy dates with families before heading to an evening prayer. After that they attend Ramadan Tents or Ghabgas (gatherings) which are usually hosted at homes, hotels or restaurants, with extensive buffets decorated in the local ethnic themed with traditional activities for families and friends to enjoy.

During the Ghabgas I've observed that the local Arab women would wear beautiful Jalabiyas and Abayas to event. It's not a style or silhouette that I would normally relate to but it is something I find interesting and beautiful and wanted to share its beauty with you all.

I worked with my friend Aqsa Pervez, and we shot a traditional themed look inspired by this traditional wear that the local Arab women adorn themselves in. We are wearing funky Jalabiyas, styled with embellished slippers, designer jewellery and handbags topped off with dramatic eye make up!

Photography by Mohd Hejris


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