July 04, 2017

The First Step to Kissable Lips

Taking care of our skin is something that is gaining more and more importance every day.

From cleansing to exfoliation to night time recoveries, the list is endless. One important part of our face that we tend to forget about is our lips. As they are part of our skin and can get dry, it is important that we exfoliate our lips as well. One of my favorite lip scrubs is (linked below):
Fresh Sugar Lip Polish

A lot of people actually make this at home by just taking some brown sugar and water, mixing it together and using it as a scrub. The reason I like this polish is because not only does it contain brown sugar but it also adds natural moisturizers such as jojoba oil and shea butter to remove dead skin cells and bring back moisture to your lips. Therefore, it doesn’t dry it out as much as just brown sugar would do.

How to use: 
- Wet your lips and apply half a teaspoon onto your lips and scrub them for about a minute.
- Rinse off the polish and apply a lip balm after. You may then follow up with your lipstick.

Remember it is all about finding what is right for your skin.

Contributed by Sanchita Daswani. Follow me on Instagram @sanch265

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