March 27, 2014

Out FUR a walk!


My wardrobe looks like a cotton candy store, there's candy pink everywhere! I seriously need to stop buying pink, its been ridiculously hard since it's been trending majorly this season.

Im wearing Love Peace & Hair Grease print shirt dress from Lazy Oaf. I love this punchy graphic print, it reminds me of the pop culture. The brand Lazy Oaf itself is inspired by the 90s and childhood memories.  I paired this smocked shape dress with knee high boots to give the overall look of this outfit as a bit sexy. Its always a bit tricky when wearing prints, but the key thing to remember is to accessorise using solid colours. Repeating a colour from the print helps complement each other instead of clashing. In my case, I've complemented the look with black boots and a pink handbag (both colours used in the print of the dress). Colours don't have to match exactly, but close enough so that its clear they are meant to go together.


Dress: Lazy Oaf
Boots: New Look
Fur Jacket: Asos
Bag: Primark


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